White Denim Shorts x Mister Freedom


Take it from me… these are dope… take it from Mr. Freedom.. and .. He will tell you .. that if you are able to get your hands on a pair of these.. you might as well play the lottery …they are extremely limited.(as all of his pieces are). but they are durable..durable enough …. for it  to be originally used as a bag.. or a jacket.. Yeah .. baby.. 11 ounces of raw denim.. and at them pricing in at $300 a pop.. I can see why .. only so few were made.. 

– Dap


Mister Freedom tells the story better: 

“Our Sailor had those custom after spotting a roll of ‘white denim’ hiding in a corner of the MFSC Tailor of the Mombasa Port in Kenya. The fabric was originally loomed to make Naval Base barrack bags and had been printed on the reverse with a red MFSC anchor. Bags? F’gedaboudit! After having his Shore jacket custom tailored with it, there was just enough left to put together a pair of bermudas. His CO made sure he had them stenciled “Not for Deck Duty Use” on the inside. Before long, our sailor hit the beach wearing a white Tshirt, navy deck sneakers and his custom bermudas!”

Mister Freedom



Original limited small batch edition MFSC “white Denim”.

  • 11 ounces
  • Indigo weft and white warp
  • Sanforized: Minimal width shrinkage and 3 to 5% in length
  • Indigo blue solid selvedge


So hurry up and buy


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