Playing with Ketchup



If you can’t tell by the title.. I am a bit behind with posting on the blog.. and I’m sorry.. My oath for ’09 was simply…  to not let this happen (again).. what gets mis that … all you have to do to get me out of sync is give me an awesome spring break.. a finals week .. and I’m back to square one again.. playing catch up… it’s amazing… what captain morgan , a camera, and an Ice cold group of friends can get you (the best spring break ever!!!!).. Its also, to see my writing diminish  after spring break.. but… as many of yo know… being the motivated.. creature that I am.. It only takes two days for me to get in sync again.. and have those creative muscles start pumping again….I’m playing with Ketchup .. is something that I wont be doing this summer.. because as many of you know.. I will be graduating (hopefully) in two weeks.. and I will be on the grind … with my blog full time.. It will almost be an all access pass into the life of Dap (not really)…. and although I am posting these pics late (really late).. I feel that it wont be the same…  if I weren’t to post them at all..(right?).. so with out further a due .. check out some pics from my spring break with the greeks.

– Dap



and oh yea.. If you are asking who those girls are in the photo.. I have no clue.. they saw the saw me with a camera .. and pounced.. you gotta love UF… (Go GATORSSS.. FIVE BUCKIIESSS!!!)






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