Real Life Film

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Since I am a big Short Film Junkie … It wasn’t much of a surprise that I was  captivated by the work .. from the good folks at UpTheRiver.…. to many .. their work can seem .. well … weird … bland ...boring.. but if you take it as it is ( a video .. with a script and actors).. you will find that you are looking to hard .. yes.. you are… because if you look closely .. the focus isn’t on the acting (well … )… so if you are looking for a future Brad Pitt … you might be disappointed (not really).. instead …  Andrew Simkiss’s focus’s on the Visual ( and … story line)…. you know … The Color.. The Scenery.. The Shot…Simkiss who is a recent graduate of NYU’s film program … found himself recording tons of short films with his buddy and star actor Matt Creed who is  a local DJ in the East Village.. well.. I guess what I’m trying to say is that these films aren’t your normal .. hour long films.. They are in many ways .. Better.. and if that’s not proof in the putting.. They won this years Warner Bros. Film Award… now tell me that’s not.. Brilliant!!!!


– Dap



my school blocks the dumbest things…tomorrow morning I will post the video…


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