Hot Damn




Its about that time again .. The sun is beating at your front door like you stole something.. and the recession has nothing to do with that crucial urge for cool air.. nor do you have any excuse to wear anything more than a tank top (Ralph) swimming trunks (Ralph) and flip flops (Uhhh… Ralph)… outside… especially when its 90 plus degrees and rising (this past week)….. funny enough.. it  just happened to be one of those days .. that I brought my camera out on the yard.. and captured a true hustler (The ICEE MAN – everybody has to know at-least one)... at work… ” I got icees for 3, 5, and 10 dollars”… Its crazy how much people would pay for a piece of cold ice.. especially when its hot… as beans out side.. oh yeah .. and those Icees .. are the best thing since sliced bread… 

– Dap


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