Raleigh Denim




…is the most creative denim… company .. known to man….well okay.. to Raleigh.. ..the indie jean shop.. ran by Victor and Sarah Lytvinenko … who in my opinion..  are the most down to earth seamstresses ever (I don’t know any).. On the first meet.. I was able to sit down and chat with the Sweed… primarily on..  his passionate love for denim …. Victor states.. his love started as a tot .. with a favorite pair of skins that he practically wore to shreds.. and in search of that exact feel.. he began constructing his own pair.. straight from his college dorm… edged on by friends and pissed off at the over fabricated denim culture (POSERS)… especially with the word selvedge being flung around like five dollar squeeze…. the crew decided to invest into Cone Mills Selvedge… and .. take their love to a more local level…. which I think is genius..and the critics agree… does GQ ring a bell.. .. each jean is constructed to precision .. and the  quality … well lets just say … it’s tagged at around $300 a pop ..OUCH!!! .. every ounce of material constructed into the jean is from North Carolina… and every piece of the jean is hand made one.. by .. one .. by none other than Victor and Sarah.. what gets me is that.. Now.. Barney’s wants them to make 500 pairs within a month.. impossible right.. well.. the funny thing is.. they are finished ( as if you didn’t believe in aliens).. the last time I passed by for a visit.. I snagged some pics.. and took in the greatest scent of it all .. freshly made denim.. oh and for the record.. 


each pair is signed and dated. so .. if you happen to wash your jeans .. ever.. (don’t).. . flip the jean inside out.. and you will see exactly what I’m talking about..  there is an x-ray pic of your hip bone.. yeah your hip bone.. ask me why.. well because .. their into that stuff…

– Dap


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  1. byRon

    Are these the only flicks you have? I’m interested just from these pictures. It looks as if they pay a lot of attention to detail with the red stitching and buttons.

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