Old vs. New




Coming straight off of my Star Trek (2011 prequel) … experience… Filthy (a man of controversial subjects)… shot this over to me… I personally think that both of them can get it.. in the nastiest ways possible.. but thats just me.. being the pervert I am… oh .. and I recommend that everyone go out to see.. the new Star Trek movie… its a damn good one … in my opinion.. I think its the best Star Trek movie thus far.. Is it me or is … J.J. Abrams becoming the new Steven Spielberg ( I know… I know a bit over board) … but that goes to show you how good the movie is… Zoe Saldana who plays Lt. Uhara (Uh- Hu-Rah).. in the new installment.. made me want pointy ears.. for a day ..(side note: only if you saw the movie)… but if you are an original trekie .. you can definitely understand what I mean when I say….  Niche’le Nichol’s legs can raise … Captain Kirk from an Acoma… or… if your into green… like I am.. you wont knock me if I said.. Rachel Nichols.. is also .. in the running … 

– Dap



Zoe + Michele + Dap = a Village        







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