Dice x A.R.C.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Since I am back in the city… I had to visit the fam.. (ALIFE).. of course … Dice was on the scene.. you know…  his verbal  love for  ..drugs.. women.. and guns .. which he swears he lives by (not really)..but… Its funny how many characters you can find at Alife.. which to me makes the store one of the most unique ones ever.. everyone are themselves… because.. they realize .. that they..  make the store .. the store doesn’t make them… and that’s why .. I always find myself coming back… I have honestly..  been a consumer since Junior High School (JHS 56).. I don’t know if thats a good thing.. but it shows that this brand.. has remained steadily progressing.. Dice gives little to no information … about whats coming out for Alife.. but he does give us .. a little look into what he is doing… and I can respect that.. keep the stuff exclusive.. by keeping the people guessing.. I’m still mad at the fact I wasn’t able to cop their first Reebok TENNIS BALL VICTORY PUMPS.. its alrigh though.. I don’t hold grudges.. 

– Dap


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