Lord Willy’s








…. Pause... first off.. I would have never found this place .. If it wasn’t a good day outside.. It’s like the store with the strongest A.C. is the one that grabs your attention.. I think when it hits 90 degrees out.. everyone should hit up Nike Town.. because they have the strongest A.C. (hands down).. .. and if you don’t mind heading uptown.. come and pay me a visit .. at the Mansion .. on 72nd and Madison.. as for Lord Willy’s (pause)… their whole play on the word gentleman is genius.. the umbrella.. (a Fonzworth Trademark)… the catch phrase.. for the richer .. for the poorer.. BRILLIANT!!!!.. I was greeted by Alex.. who took the time to explain in lay-mans.. that I am late on the brand (Est.2005).. but was so cool.. to allow me to take some pics.. of the place… BRILLIANT!!!!… as for me.. I am coming back for that Blazer… 2 g’s and an arm.. but I’ll be back… 

– Dap



223 Mott St.

New York, NY 10012

Near. Spring St.

Tel: 212 – 680 – 8888



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2 responses to “Lord Willy’s

  1. I hate to say it.. but raleigh sux because we don’t have a store like this downtown… All we have is pimp suit stores that are going outta business and slick greasy haired men trying to sell them… I love mens fashion (the blazers, the button-ups, even some of the socks).. (although they probably don’t have xs sizes) but a store like this in a reformed downtown raleigh would be awesome.. let me see your purchases..

  2. byRon

    ^Start up your own store in Raleigh, just as they did in New York. There is a gaping hole in the market for it and retail space in the heart of the city isn’t exactly expensive. It would be a major come up for the city and you.

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