Super Phones


…. okay.. let’s be honest.. can you stand it when you’re on the train.. and all you hear is.. “I’m tryna raise some money for my basktball team.. or excuse me ladies and gentlemen“.. every fifteen seconds… and let us not forget about the after school chaos ..(btwn 2 – 5 p.m.)….so..if you can relate… Please… I mean Please .. by all means.. buy these AiAiAiProfessional Headphones” constructed by Kilo Design… that are set to be released in August ..they are worth it (check out their pipe phones)..  because I know I definitely will be (oh how I miss my Bose Headphones)… as for you guys… don’t get mad at the next time you see me on the train… and I’m singing Coming Straight out of Compton” at the top of my lungs… on a crowded train while you try and get the last 15 minutes of your precious sleep…. then and only  then… you would wish that you listened … to me… 

– Dap


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  1. Honestly.. i hate when i used to ride the bus in the mornings to go to work.. and i would hear someone rapping or singing loudly while i was trying to go back to sleep.. haha.. take it from me da-vid… do it silently ❤

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