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I have been meaning to post this for quite some time …. and as of late .. I have to admit.. I’ve been overwhelmed with alot.. (good weather x parties x shopping x family x job hunting)… but with today’s forecast being as gloomy as it is.. has given me enough time to post..

Duncan Quinn.. to me .. is by far one of the best independent designers/tailors of the times.. and to show my gratitude… I stopped by to ask him a couple of questions ( being the great journalist I am).. and .. since it wasn’t that far from my every day commute…I made a quick detour to 8 Spring St.. where I sparked quick convo with the lad.. about an interview. and..although I wasn’t able to capture any pics of him..(slippin’ on my pimpin’)… I was able to catch some pics of the store.(most important thing)…  as well as ask  Quinn some in-depth but brief questions about Life x Collaborations x Brand….


– Dap

Q&A after the Jump


Duncan Quinn

8 Spring Street

New York, NY 10012

Phone: (212) 226-7030

Tue –  Sat: 12pm – 8pm

Sun: 12pm – 6pm


Ties and Crowbars –  For those of us who don’t exactly know who you are… introduce  yourself


Quinn –  My name is Duncan Quinn, and not a lot of people know that.


T&C – give us some background to who you are..


“Q” – A lover of fine company, fine food, fine wine, fast cars, fierce cocktails and yacht racing over powerboats…I’ve always had a penchant for a very finely tailored whistle with some edge and panache and it just works so well with the right backdrop.   



T&C –  I read somewhere that you were a lawyer at one point in your life..                     Explain?


“Q” -My father was in the Flying Squad at Scotland Yard in the 70’s.  He thought lawyers had a good time of it.  So I tried to convince myself for a while.  It didn’t take.


 T&C – so from being a lawyer.. how did you get into the realms of designing your own clothing brand?


“Q” – I’d been having things made for me for many many years, which often elicited the odd look or three from both prominent Savile Row characters I’d see in the private bars in London in the 90’s and also was stopped in the street daily in New York and asked where they came from. Eventually as a little something to do, I opened the New York store.  I guess working 16 hours a day wasn’t enough to feed the need.


 T&C – As a designer what exactly do you want capitalize on with your brand?

“Q” – I’m not sure capitalize if the right word.  Integrity would be a better one.  We live in a world of faceless brands conjured up by marketing machinery and funded by private equity.  At some point it would be nice to be recognized as one of those rare creatures who managed to do something where the focus was on doing things the way they should be done, not milking the final penny from every item.  When all’s said and done I’d love for our customers’ grandson’s to be having their DQ suits adjusted to fit and still be the nattiest character in the room 60 years from now.


T&C – what is  gentleman rogue?

“Q” – You’ll know one when you meet one.


T&C – What can we expect to see from Duncan Quinn this year?


“Q” – We’re engineering in some further benefits and services for our band of characters and looking to a fall collection which picks up where our Urban Warrior series left off.


T&C – also.. how did you become the exclusive US outlet for G.J. Cleverly  

“Q” – I tripped and fell awkwardly at a party.


T&C –  So..  I know a lot of people ask  you this.. but your models are very unique.. how did that come about?


“Q” – Our customers are all unique.  And the models on the website are all real customers.  They really look that way when they walk out.  Its not manufactured.  Its real.

T&C – as for that ..Thank You .. for your time… and..  you are always welcomed to pass by… and drop some info… on whats new from Duncan Quinn… 


“Q” – Your Welcome.


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  1. Once again.. another great clothing store in NY… btw i love the sailor shoes in the pic.. i love nautical things… great interview also da-vid.. keep ’em coming.

    ❤ Crissy ❤

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