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Practice Shots












… As a young aspiring Photographer/Journalist/Designer/Film Director... I am steadily surrounding myself with people who are all experienced in there craft.. for one .. I have been taking sewing lessons from my grandmother .. I also set aside my mornins.. to be devoted completely to my readings.. where an hour goes exclusively towards news (world, fashion, sports) .. which leads me to the reason of why I have  been. hanging around the Brooklyn Circus.. steadily for the  couple past week.. not just for the clothes.. but for the inspiration that you get when circling yourself around young talented people.. who are all well respected and well mannered (Role Models). who portray the light of the BKC idea to its fullest… as for Collin aka the Circus Trainer.. Today began my training.. as I have been following him around the store.. with my handy camera.. while he begins to full heartedly enhance my photographic eye …. 


Tip #1: Master Lighting.. Don’t be afraid to lower the Aperture.. 

Tip #2: Rather than face the light .. have the light reflect off of the subject


– Dap



Tomorrow I continue my training.. 


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The Bearded Man


Is the spokes person behind the new voice of brooklyn fashion… (yes!!!).. BKC… or Brooklyn Circus.. as most might know them is… one of the illest stores… Blogs.. and people who I’ve come across so far IN LIFE… Shout outs to BEV… who I always bump into at Wild Wings every Tuesday for the 50 cent wings.. and who always gives me the best hook ups on my Nudie’s… But the core of the story isn’t the Store or the blog … but the engine behind the T-Ford Vehicle… Owner of BKC Quincy “Ouigi” Theodore or the Bearded Man as most refer to him as.. has taken his life and evolved it into a character.. The Beard is what grasps the question. .. and his style is what answers it … This year BKC has taken it  upon themselves to create a Journal entitled the Changing of the Gaurds …. I have no clue when the book will drop.. But every day the Bearded Man will post on the BKC blog … his progress.. hobbies… dislikes .. likes and so on.. In an effort to protrude his light to the world… and since I am also a big fan of the blog .. I will be posting pictures… and quotes from the Bearded Man.. himself.. as well as some of BKC products… not Because I’m from Brooklyn.. But Just Because.. I can

– Dap


Yeah It’s because I’m from BROOKLYN!!!!!!

oh and their SPRING CD MIX.. is BANANAS

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