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Filthy’s Rant About Barkleys and Nike





Nike in my opinion is not a fashion brand but and athletic brand. As far as athletics go and making shoes for performance – Nike is NOT the best. You can get better running, basketball and track shoes from other well established companies that are NOT Nike. If you like Nike then you like the style. (Lolz)  Nike does have some ok looking sneakers but none of them are really styling. You got the dunks for the young punks which is cool. It is cool to be punk sometimes but not all the time. If you rock Nike all the time it just means you are lazy. You dont dare to be different. You just wanna fit in, which is wack.

Back to my point. Barkleys. I likes Charles Barkley but I dont even think CB himself likes his shoe made by Nike. The ugliest shoe Nike makes. That is saying alot! Take the Nike logos off and it looks like something a retarded person would make. Payless has better designs.You are NOT styling if you wear these. They dont look good in any colorway. Just a waste of money. Put on some Jack Purcel’s (www.converse.com) and you are killing it. Put on some Adidas Sambas and you styling! (Put on some Air Force Ones even or Y3 or Gucci or Bally or Balencies or walk barefooted on some Tom Sawyer shit). When I say styling I dont mean styling where you at. I mean go to London or Japan, South Side of France or the South Side of Chicago and still be fly. Universal. Not local.

Only thing you pulling wearing these Barkleys is a chick who’s panties still smell like piss.So while you are finger poppin La quisha rotten crotch she can tell ya how you stilling in your shit kicker sneakers by a washed up B-baller.

Nike stop being lazy hire some new designers who went to school.”

Fin (as in Finito)

– Filthy aka Sunburn

Dap’s Response:

“Hey!!! Filthy.. I know the name isn’t sugar.. but sometimes you just want to hear the sound of base kicking and bumping full steam from your sound system while driving in an American Manufactured Drop Top(Mustang)…..while driving down the block..(see the picture).. untill it sounds like a group of oversized Gorillas are playing Volley Ball in the middle of the street (Whattup Chuck!!!).. well.. for me the Godzilla’s do just that… ugly and all.. I feel like I’m walking on buildings… and for Sir Charles… He’s isn’t washed up.. He’s just not Crisp (denial)… as for Nike… yea for real..  it’s time to step the game up.. Retro’s are getting a bit over kill… but.. I can still say that .. I will be purchasing those  CB4 Og colorways.. well because.. I’m just that .. a sneaker fiend that loves oxfords, rugbies.. and wingtips…”BARKLEYSSS!!!

– Dap 


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