Two Steps Into A Room with Dap

The Ties and Crowbar Team consists of Me (Dap) and my Boy Filthy Rich.. as well as the input from the viewers alike. The page is just full of random stuff we like to talk about. The random conversations from which female we think is sexy, to what annoys us. As well as what the latest fashion is in our eyes. Music. Females. Role Models. Events. and just everything that makes us the individuals we are. I met up with Filthy Rich at Buffallo University and ever since then I have been talking to him about random shit. This guy knows alot so I figured why not make a blog about the random shit he talks about and emails me about. I myself am some one who loves to write and take pictures of random shit as well. I’m in that stage of my life where I have become torn between rugby’s and business attire. The urban aspect as well as the business aspect of life has always kept me level headed and not veering of to far into one mindset. Hence the name Ties and Crowbars. I hope everyone who reads this about page enjoyed it. I hope on that same note that you guys enjoy the page.



6 responses to “Two Steps Into A Room with Dap

  1. Lyschel

    Cool blog. I see u put a lot of thought into the whole “Dime a Dozen” concept. : ) Nice!

  2. RRL C

    Official tissue.. feelin the site…fashion, music, women, etc. im there..keep doing the damn thing..much luck

  3. probclass

    I ❤ your blog… its got everything.. its so my style and not pointless at all.. although random.. but randomness is creativity at its best… i will definitely be reading your blog every chance i get…

    -Ms. Crissy-

  4. jbanks

    Great website, good info on all aspects of life, and well written. Keep up the good work.

  5. christopherson

    i’m still waiting for more!

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